[Discovery]How To Get Winning Numbers in Lottery Game

Baba Ijebu is a native name for a very popular lottery game called Premiere Lotto.

Baba Ijebu lotto is the mostly played lottery in Nigeria especially in Lagos Nigeria where it get most of it’s patronage. The game is rated +18 and can be played even with the least amount of N50 Naira.

I actually posted about Baba Ijebu secret number on my Blogger blog in 2015 but have decided to bring it here on Ajuju so that for those that missed the post then may find and access it  here with ease.

After many years of study on Premier Lotto gaming, I came out with these set of numbers that I’ll expose in this post Premiere  Lotto BabaIjebu Secret Sure Winning numbers.
These numbers are; 13; 14; 27; 31; 33; 41; 44; 51; 55; 61; 66; 77; 87; and 90.


Before you play these numbers! Take a moment to look at the result board carefully… do you notice something alarming?
You will notice that these numbers I listed above are frequently reoccuring on every giving line on the result board. In order words, these numbers have greater chance of winning than others.
Trust me if you make these numbers as you standby banker(s) am sure you know what’s gonna happen. *wink*.
Also, I have come to discover that these numbers usually play on weekends and the machine tends to produce these numbers mostly are National, Fairchance, Peoples, Diamond, 06, Super, Mark 11 and other weekend machines.

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