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Download New 2go v7.0 For Java


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Introducing the new 2go version 7.0. The new 2GO v.7 comes with difference from that of version 6.0. 2go version 7 is the latest trending version of the messenger recently released by the 2go team in their effort to make free communication among friends and family more interesting and easy. You are provided with the feature to search the area where you stay in your city/state as seen in the profile form screenshot below. Fast message receiving and delivery system enhanced. 2go has just done that to be a great improvement upon the former 6.0 version of 2go.

Below are screenshots of 2go v7.0.
2go v7.0 logo
2go v7.0 friends list
2go v7.0 profile
2go v7.0 menu
2go v7.0 about

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