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The Indomitables' is Nigeria's first superhero based endless runner mobile game proudly presented by DUFIL Prima Foods PLC available for Android.

How The Indomie Table is Played

The newly launched game; ‘The Indomitables’ is riding on Indomie’s well-known superhero cartoon characters. The ‘Indomitables’ game features the superheroes, Vision, Tweeny, Stretchy, Swifty and Big Boy, collectively known as ‘The Indomitables’, who take on the might of the Hunger Monsters unleashed by General Wrath.

These monsters feed off their victim’s hunger, leaving them weak and helpless. The General will return to rule once his monsters have first turned healthy Nigerians into weaklings. The only way to tackle these evil monsters is to keep your stomach full and body healthy with Indomie Noodles. Hence, armed with their superpowers and with their favourite Indomie noodles to satiate their hunger, the Indomitables are the only ones that can stop the Hunger Monsters from spreading havoc across Nigeria A" target="true">Click here to download the game on Google Play store

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