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Lessons All Mothers Should Learn After The Death Of A Student In A Hotel With Her Boyfriend


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The bodies of a couple identified as John aka J4E and his undergraduate girlfriend, Darasimi, were discovered in their hotel room in Fagba, Lagos State, and are no longer news.

According to reports, the remains were discovered Monday morning, March 8. According to reports, the couple, on the other hand, was poisoned. Surprisingly, the late girl's family thought she died in a hotel room with her boyfriend while she was at school.

“We discovered them dead in their hotel room, so we believe they were poisoned. "Her family assumed she was in school only to discover her in a hotel room with her boyfriend," according to the girl's older sister, who came to recover her body.

As a result, any mother whose daughter is a University student can learn some valuable lessons from this couple's death.

1. Enlist the help of someone you can trust to keep an eye on your daughter.

You should concentrate on having someone you can trust keep an eye on your daughter even though she is over the age of 18. If Darasimi's family had been watching her every move, they would have known she wasn't in school. A girl over the age of 18 is not listed anywhere as not being watched. Following Darasimi's death, every mother should appoint someone older to keep an eye on their daughter at school.

2 . Call Your Daughter Often 

Most mothers with university-aged daughters would tell you that they only call them once a week because they are too preoccupied with work, but this is not true. Make it a point to call your daughter every day, particularly before she goes to bed.

3. Continue to pray for your daughter and remind her to do so often.


Your daughter is a precious gift from God, and you must do all you can to protect, encourage, and grow her faith, even though she is far away from you. As a mother, prayer is one of the most important resources you have. Regularly pray for her, and ask her to pray for you if you call.

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