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Born In An Aeroplane, See The Privilege This Baby Will Enjoy For The Rest Of His Life


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Labour according to the dictionary is the process of delivering a baby and the placenta, membranes, and the umbilical cord from the uterus to the vagina, and to the outside world. Labour is one of the most painful experience a lady will ever have in this life, as women usually pass through a lot of stress and pains before delivering a baby. This is why we need to appreciate our mothers, for the stress they went through in given birth to us. However, labour can be unpredictable at times, such is the case of a lady who gave birth in an aeroplane. The lady gave birth to a baby boy in "EgyptAir", with the help of the cabin crew, and a medical student onboard the flight. However according to reports, the baby due to the fact that he was born in the plane, he will fly with EgyptAir free of charge for the rest of his life. The pictures of the baby were posted by a guy name "Chu Chu" with a write up "A bouncing baby boy was born onboard an aeroplane", in a group called "Happivibes", on Facebook.


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These pictures generated a lot of comments from people, a lady name "Johnfree Ebube" wrote "What a luck", a guy name "Hamzat Hassan Damilola" wrote "This is amazing".

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