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The Hidden Truth Behind 'e choke' Slangs


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Most of the slangs people mutter are from the pit of hell but a lot of people don't know.

Some of these our top musicians are members of the illuminati group and once in a while they keep bringing words with sacred meaning right from the pit of hell.

Davido recently came up with the slang є chσkє.

Not knowing the evil forces behind the slang, a lot of Nigerians started using it.

I did a personal research and I was shocked at my findings.

I found out that the slang 'є chσkє' was coined from the name of the Greek goddess 'єchσkєє,' which translates to mean Restrictions.

Now every time people say 'є chσkє', they're indirectly inviting the Greek goddess of restrictions into their lives and eventually thing will begin to choke in their lives.

Earlier this month, I was one of the top people shouting є chσkє! є chσkє!

If I told you what I passed through within this period you'd be shocked.

I know a lot of people passing through hell right now because they unknowingly invited this Greek goddess by shouting є chσkє.

Now that we've exposed za devil and his agents, resist that spirit making you shout e choke.

Written By: David Algorithm on Facebook

My name is Ikenna Duru ✌️ a.k.a Johndik. If not Ajuju's not yet a juju forum 😃😁

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