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Cartoons with deep meaning

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The Illustrators of these cartoons decided to create drawings that focus more on showing deeper truths about reality than making people laugh.


Here are the Illustrations and their hidden meanings:


your perception about yourself affects how you interact with the World and how other People see you.

The Cat sees himself as a Tiger so behaves like one while the Dog sees himself as a Puppy and behaves accordingly.


the Father is taking out part of himself in order to complete his Child. This shows the sacrifice a Father has to put himself through for his Child to be able to develop.


An illustration that signifies the sad reality of Life.


A Country can only achieve true progress when its People realise that they're the ones that hold the true power.


This is a funny illustration showing the sad reality of the present day. The Child can't really remember his Parent's Face because they chose to view the World through their Mobile Phones.


Rather than concentrating on the serious issues facing Humanity, People choose to distract themselves scrutinising Animals that are living their Lives.


This illustration shows how you can choose to view things either from its negative or positive side.



Outwardly, the Politician appears to be talking with complete honesty but his Shadow shows the reality behind his promises.


The Man in the Cartoon above cuts off part of his Cross to make it lighter for him but when he gets to a Gap he needs to cross, he realises that the Cross is now to short for it to be of any use to him.

Lesson: don't try to take Shortcuts to get your goals faster because you might miss the Thing that's necessary for your progress in Life.


This Illustration shows what Smartphones have turned most People into. Tethered by their Devices and unable to make progress in Life.

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