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Funny: How to detect mouth odour

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You Always Win An Argument Quickly.
If you win just any arguments very quickly, bro chill, 😀 🤣 
don’t feel you are on top of the world. This may
just let you know that you have mouth odour.
You Are Explaining Something To Your Friends
And They Are Looking At Another Direction.
Why do you think anytime you are talking to your
friends, they are always not able to look straight to
your face. They are just indirectly telling you that
they can feel the presence of sokaway juice in your
Anytime You Talk, Dogs Alway Bark.
Yes they can feel it too bro.
You Want To Kiss Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend And
He Or She Tells You, I Dont Like Kissing.
Is it by force to taste your oshapranpran.
You Try To Sing For A Little Baby And He Or She
Is Crying.
That’s the only way he/she can escape your
sokaway emitting diode.
You Want To Whisper To Your Friends Ear And He
Starts Begging You That He Knows What You
Want To Say.
I can’t come and kill myself.
Pastor Is Praying For Everybody In The Church,
When It Gets To Your Turn, He Instructs You Not
To Say Amen.
The Lord will still answer your prayer if I don’t die.
When You Are Talking On The Phone And It
Suddenly Says Low Battery.
That is why your battery life is bad.
Nobody Including Your Wife Even Want To Share
Spoon With You.
Don’t think they see you as a king, na mouth odour
cause am.
Everybody Greets You From Afar
Let me come and be going.

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