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Photographs turned into amazing artistic works

Usman anladin
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Many people are so creative and talented. We have lots of talented young men and women out there who can make something out of nothing in Africa and in Nigeria to be precise. Even the young children are not left out, as we often see online how some kids uses cartons to create a house, car and even aeroplane. Thanks to social media who has made it possible for people to see some talented works of some young kids in Nigeria.

While scrolling through my Twitter timeline today, I bumped into a Twitter handle known as Edos Artistry, I saw a legendary Artistic work, a very creative Editor who can do anything with Photoshop. I can say I was totally amazed as I saw his Photoshopped photos online. Many people were marveled at his talent as he got more than 800k likes on the photos he shared on his Twitter page.

Looking at the photos, one won't help but marvel at the photographer's intelligence and ideas. These photos were taken at different places but we're later transformed into an artwork of beauty. Below are the photos of these great artistic work that were posted by the photographer whose Twitter handle is Edos Artistry. We'll be seeing the set up of the photos and the shots after the photos were edited.

1. The Set up

The shot

2. The setup

The shot

3. The setup

The shot

4. The setup

The shot

5. The setup

The shot

7.The set up

The shot

Are these photos not beautiful? What do you have to say about the photographer's talent? Share your opinion on the comments session below.