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Biography of Sir Kelvin Chukwumaobi (KSM), CEO of APAMS


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Sir Kelvin Chukwumaobi (KSM) is the Director of APAMS Funeral Services Ltd. He is the king of funeral undertakers in the eastern part of Nigeria and overtaking the country.

Sir Kelvin Chukwumaobi was born in 1971. Director of APAMS Funeral Services Ltd., can rightly be described as the king of funeral undertakers, South East Nigeria. Starting with a single panel-beaten ambulance 19 years ago, he has taken the business of funeral undertaking to a higher dimension, making his office a one-stop funeral shop.

People who venture into such business are sometimes described as extraordinary humans since there is this belief that the dead can harm. But in the case of Sir Kelvin, it was an opportunity while others were afraid.


Sir Kelvin who runs a pharmaceutical distribution venture made a stride in the funeral services when he included ambulance service into his business. The APAMS which is coined from Amuche Pharmaceutical Medical Services is just an extra service. But later stopped the medical service and focused more on the funeral services. The business has grown tremendously over 28 years of formation.


The business started with one 504 ambulance and Sir Kelvin happens to be the driver at that time. In a quest to fully operate in the service, he launched the supply of caskets. He sells the most expensive casket in Nigeria. Matching with band brigade squad and wreath bearing.






Today, the business boasts of 26 different styles of services including crying services. He has large employees in the firm.


Currently, he has fleets of exotic vehicles: Hummer Jeep, Armada SUVs, Latest Model Of Cadillac Limousines. He announced the inclusion of Helicopter services in his service to beat traffic and for wealthy people.


The helicopter service is majorly for the long-distance destinations, beat the traffic, and avoiding attacks by hoodlums and kidnapping.

He is married with kids and hopes to make APAMS world class funeral service business.

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