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How to Submit Withdrawal Request on Racksterly


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To submit a withdrawal request, you need to first login to the Racksterly portal at

After you have logged in to the site, navigate to the withdrawal section.

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Racksterly Withdrawal

Click on the Withdrawal button. You will see a page like this?

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Racksterly Withdrawal Page

Tap on the plus sign (+) to increase the amount to the amount of your earnings that you want to withdraw. These days, the system chooses the correct amount for you so you may not need to
tap on the plus icon. Note that you can withdraw a maximum of $200 at a time. If you earned above that, you have to withdraw it bit by bit.

At this point, click on the ‘Withdraw” button to submit the form.

Your payment will be processed and sent to you within 12-24 hours. If you have not joined Racksterly, click here to learn how Racksterly works.

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