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Unlocking WinRAR file that is Password Protected


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Assuming you’ve already made all effort to search and download a premium file for free online, only for you to discover that the file is password protected, at that moment, you’ll be frustrated. – Such scenarios seem to look as if all your effort is wasted.
In this guide, I would walk you through the process on how you can easily unlock any password
protected WinRAR file at no cost.
How to Unlock Any WinRAR file that is Password
1. Firstly, download the iSumsoft RAR Password
Refixer here, and install on your computer.
2. After installing the program, launch, and you should
see the interface as it is shown in the image below.
3. Now, to locate your locked winrar file, simply click
on Open, and find the file.
4. Once the locked files is located, and then click on
start to begin process, remember to mark all options
just as seen in the image below.
The process would begin, and this might take few
minutes, depending on the strength of password used
to lock the file.
Once the password is discovered, it would be shown,
just as seen in the image below, simply copy and
Gbam!!! You’re done.
That’s it. No more frustrations. Simply follow the
above guide carefully.

My name is Ikenna Duru ✌️ a.k.a Johndik. If not Ajuju's not yet a juju forum 😃😁

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Thanks. Very helpful.