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What is Marketing in film making?


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Marketing in Filmmaking is professional to be called *Distribution*.

*Distribution* is the duplication, advertising, and promotion of a film to theatrical, television, or home video markets, both domestically and internationally.

Securing foreign distribution is increasingly important due to the escalating worldwide demand for movies. Many distributors seek out new product at film festivals and film markets in search of quality films, in some cases, offering substantial advances.

And more reasons NETFLIX is a major place for many producers to distribute and yes not forgetting YOUTUBE

The process of making a movie is the same as the process of manufacturing any other product. *Research the market, the audience, and what the distributors are looking for before you undertake a production*.

Most filmmakers spend massive
sums of money and time on a movie only to discover that there’s no market
for it.

Source: Ope Makinde (the director of EWA)

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