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How to get a loan from Jaiz bank


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Jaiz Bank is a Nigerian Islamic or non-interest bank. It was the first such bank established in the country. The bank commenced operations in 2012.

Jaiz Bank provides a mix of personal, SME and corporate banking services.

Requirements to apply for business loans on Jaiz bank
Visit any Jaiz bank branch  and submit the following details and documents:
1. Completed application form.
2. Company profile.
3.Business plan.
4.. Cash flow budget.
5.  Bank statements (12 months)
6. Audited financial accounts.
7. Certificate of Incorporation.
8. Valid means of identification (driving license, passport, voters card)
Should your loan application be approved — Jaiz will issue you an offer letter. This offer letter will state any terms and conditions to be met — before funds are disbursed. Goodluck on your loan application to Jaiz bank.

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