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Calibalism of Praying Mantis


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Praying Mantis has saw-like arms and alien eyes and they do not pose any threat unless it happens to be a gecko, insect, or hummingbird.

The females are frequently larger than males. Praying mantis courtship can be a dangerous affair. Females have been well documented biting off the heads and eating other body parts of the males that they mate with for nourishment.

Although, not all the praying mantis species cannibalise their mates, if the female is starving or if the male irritates her, she might engage in that behaviour.

A research published in 2016 found that female praying mantis species that exhibit cannibalism of their mates make a meal out of the males between 13 and 28 percent of the time.

They acquire amino acids that are then incorporated into the eggs they lay. Making them lay twice as many eggs after cannibalizing a male.

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